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PRE - ORDER The Pocket Trainers Pouch Pink

PRE - ORDER The Pocket Trainers Pouch Pink

SKU: 364215376135191

So why use the trainers pouch?


- Made from premium BPA free silicone making it very safe for all animals.


- Flexible, making reinforcement quick and cleaning easy


- Non-porous and does NOT absorb odours or promote mould growth


- Suitable for all wet and dry treat types including raw meat and fish


- Durable, practical and has a professional finish, so suitable for all animal industries


- Comes with high quality, easy adjustable belt (130cm)


- Waterproof and dishwasher safe (top shelf) making cleaning a breeze.


- Doesn’t fall off and teats don't fall out


- Fits onto any standard belt!


    Our pouches are a simple yet practicle silicone treat / reward pouch, suitable for pet lovers, enthusiasts and industry professionals. All have been designed in Australia through a collaboration with animal trainers, who have had experience training a wide variety of animals. Our treat pouches are a comfortable, practical and professional solution for all your animal training needs complete with a durable trade quality belt. Each pouch is made from BPA free silicone making them safe, flexible, easy to clean, don't absorb odours, and suitible for any treat type. 


    Please contact us directly if you have any issues with your product.


    All pouches will be shipped promptly after order is received. 

Color: Pink
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